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Tough Guy and Gal Challenge 2023

Congratulations to all of our students who represented Te Horo School in the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge in Palmerston North this week.  Many thanks to the parents that transported and supervised their children.  We have loved hearing the stories of success when the children have returned and have appreciated all of the medals proudly being worn.


Thursday 1st June – Vision and Hearing Screening

Monday 5th June – King’s Birthday – School Closed.

Tuesday 6th June – Interschool Cross Country (Kapiti)

Friday 9th June – Paraparaumu College Open Day

Monday 12th June – STRIKE Concert

Wednesday 14th June – Home & School Meeting 8.45am Ruth Pretty 41 School Road

Friday 21st June – Kapiti College Open Day

Thursday 29th June –School Trustees Meeting – School Staffroom 7pm

Friday 30th June 7am –  Matariki Breakfast Celebration at school

Friday 30th June – Last day of Term

Monday 17th July – First Day Term 3

Thursday 20th July – Otaki College Open Day


Te Horo Kids with Heart


    Room 1

Madison Pavitt – for listening carefully to instructions, being the first to the mat and putting effort into learning..  He whetu koe.  

Heath Caines – for confidently sharing your thoughts and ideas in class and always doing so with smiles. It’s lovely having you in Room 1 Heath.

Room 2

Ellie Fox – for showing H.E.A.R.T by being brave and sharing her ideas! We love to hear your thoughts Ellie, karawhuia! 

Noah Baron Stace – for showing H.E.A.R.T during all his BSLA learning and really trying hard with his sound and letter relationship.

Room 3

Ezra – Wow what a fantastic week! I have noticed such a great change in you this week. You have been making wonderful choices to support your learning. Tino Pai! 

Sofia – I love your enthusiasm and passion for your learning. It has been such a pleasure to watch you choose to do writing in your free play Ka Rawe Sofia !

Room 5

Lincoln Gadsby – This is to recognise the effort, energy and enjoyment you show during our Footsteps sessions and Mataraki Dance Challenge practices.  You have picked up the moves and you model our HEART values while you do it!  Awesome work Lincoln.

Harry Bowes – Thank you for being such an amazing role model in Room 5.  You are a great example of a kid with HEART at school.  You are always setting a good example for those around you and you do it with pride and a smile on your face.  Fantastic work Harry

Room 6

Meelia, thank you for the effort you’re putting into your writing, pushing yourself to meet your goals and our success criteria.  You’ve been challenging yourself, showing excellence in all of your work.  Ka rawe!

Riley, I appreciate the effort you’ve been putting into your writing.   Thank you for having the courage to push yourself, to strive for your goals and to revise and improve your work.  Fantastic, Riley – ka mau te wehi

Room 9

Hannah, For showing care and compassion for others in class and helping them with their learning. Tino pai Hannah, you are amazing!! 

Archie D, Always putting in the Mahi in class. Showing a great determination to achieving his learning goals. Tino pai Archie Looking forward to see more mahi from you this year. 

Room 10

Adrian for giving a huge effort in his cross country run and for working hard to complete his work .

Niamh for supporting her friend on the cross country by running with them to the finish after having run the race herself. 

Room 11

Jahna O’Callaghan – For showing respect in the class by demonstrating wonderful listening skills. Jahna stops and listens to instructions carefully then acts quickly to follow these without being distracted. Ka Pai

Jayda-Rae Pokaiwhenua- Floyd

For empathy and having a helpful attitude. Jayda-Rae is quick to notice when she can help someone in the class and is always willing to go out of her way to help. Your help is always noticed and appreciated.                      Ka mau te wehi 

Room 12

Henrietta Henderson – You live the HEART values of Te Horo School – we can always count on you to be doing what you know is best and treating others with compassion and kindness.  Thank you!

Vincent Laws – You always THINK before you speak and this is appreciated by all of Room 12.  You only speak kind words; in person, to others and online.  Thank you!

Pink Shirt Day 2023

 A sea of pink tutus and pockets full of kindness! Amazing effort for our celebration of Pink Shirt day this year. Thanks for standing up for values that matter and saying NO to bullying!

As teachers we really enjoyed the opportunity to hand out some little pink buttons to those who we noticed standing up for others during the week, a special thank you goes out to Izzy in Room 6 for being pink EVERYDAY! 

Till next year, Keep Calm and Wear Pink! (Whaea Amanda).


At THS, we love to bring a range of performers to visit our students.  This term, we’ve invited  the Strike to Schools team who will present their interactive, high energy 45 minute show,  introducing a broad range of modern percussion styles from around the world.  The whole school will attend this show (cost $6 per student, invoiced to your account).

Date:  Monday 12th June.

Year 8 College Open Days

All information has now been sent about the Otaki College, Paraparaumu College and Kapiti College Open Days for 2023.  Please remember to complete the google forms that have been sent to we can finalise arrangements at our end.  All responses are due by Friday 2 June 2023.  All of the forms can be found below.

Otaki College: 

Paraparaumu College: 

Kapiti College:

If you have any questions about any of these please contact [email protected] or make direct contact with the college.  Thank you!

Te Reo Tuatahi

Our Year 4 – 8 students are currently using an online platform called Te Teo Tuatahi for the delivery of our Te Reo and Tikanga Maori lessons.  Each week the teachers engage in some professional learning and then deliver lessons to the students via an online tutor.  So far this term we have learnt;

  • The song Nga Whetu O Matariki
  • The origins of Matariki
  • The phrase ko wai, with particular reference to learning about the atua
  • A closing karakia
  • We welcome all whanau to join with us on our Te Reo Tuatahi journey as we launch into Matariki together.
  • As part of the package there are whanau lessons available, should you wish to participate the website link and password can be found below.

Our Local Curriculum Programme

Every week we will have a kīwaha/saying and a kupu/word that we encourage the children to use, feel free to get into it at home too! The junior school/Te Tipu have started our learning about Matariki. SO far we have learnt about 4 of the stars and the special roles they play when they rise. We are so looking forward to our Matariki breakfast on the 30 of June and hope you can all make an early morning gathering. 



YEAR 6 & YEAR 8 Camps 2023

Information has started coming home about our Year 6 and Year 8 camps for 2023.  There have been emails about fundraising and about parent helpers – please check your inbox for these.  If you have not received them please let Danielle know ([email protected]) – we would hate for you to be missing important information.  Many thanks.  Danielle (Year 8 Camp) & Allie (Year 6 Camp).


$40 per trailer
All money goes to school camp. Sharpen your chainsaw, cut, and fill your own trailer.
Wood is pine, recently harvested so best for next year’s burning.
305 Mangaone North Road, Hautere, Otaki. Access is up a driveway directly opposite our gate. You will need to back your trailer up to the wood so please drive in through our gate at 305 to turn around. Then drive back out to then back up the opposite driveway to stack the wood.
Cash into our letter box please or transfer directly to Te Horo Home & School account 12-3157-0123969-00 Please use “Firewood” as a reference
Available weekends anytime or after 3pm on weekdays (so gate can be unlocked) Please message Aron 027 304 0115 for queries and times you need.


Our school fair, Paddy’s Mart, has been booked for Saturday 9th September.  Paddy’s Mart is run by the Home & School Committee and is a fantastic opportunity for the school community to come together and raise funds for the school.  We rely heavily on parents, caregivers, students and teachers to help run the fair and this year will be no different.  If you haven’t been involved before please reach out to the school office or email [email protected] 

At the moment we are looking for the following but more requests will come in the following weeks so keep an eye out:

  • Crafts

Feel like making a few things to sell, or get a craft group together to make some things?  We already have a few crafty people who contribute to this stall but need someone to take the lead on it.

  • Toys

This is a very popular stall which needs a leader.  We get donations of toys from the local community, these then get sold off on the day.  You would need to take charge of displaying the toys on the day and selling them.

  • Raffles

Do you have a service or product that you could donate to our raffle?  We are always on the look out for products or services that we can pop into our school raffle.  Anything considered, please reach out.

  • Petting Zoo

Do you have any animals that would like to come along to Paddy’s Mart and feature on our Petting Zoo?  If so please let us know.

  • BBQ Helpers

We run a very busy BBQ on the day at Paddy’s Mart and this year we would like to run it in shifts.  Please let us know if you can lend a hand on the day.  We have a team already taking the lead on this so we would just require you to turn up on the day and sell some sausages.

  • Drinks Stall

We have a trailer coming to keep things cold, all we need now is someone to take care of selling the drinks for us.  Can you help?  This is probably the easiest stall to manage and a great way to get involved.


[email protected]

NEXT HOME & SCHOOL MEETING – Wednesday 14th June at Ruth Pretty’s at 8.45am

Hearing Vision Routine Screening Visit Thursday 1st June

The Vision Hearing Technicians plan to visit Te Horo school on:
Date: 1st June  Approx. Time:   9.30am
Children to be screened during this visit are:
* New Entrants who have not had/ completed their B4 School Check
*   Year 7 Students                           –           distance vision for all Students
A Number of  Year 8 Students – those who have previously not been screened as year 7
* Children who have no previous screening record.
* If any parent/guardian does not wish their child to be checked could they please inform the school.
If request screening is required at any time during the year:  (Note this will normally be carried out at one of our clinics in your area)
Schools please complete the  Public Health Service Referral form, along with the students hearing and vision report off ENROL and email [email protected]
Parents please contact the Vision Hearing Service on 0800 153 042 0r 06 350 9111, for an appointment to one of our clinics

School Sports

Year 3 – 6 Otaki Netball Registration please click on this link to register your child for Year 3 – 6 Otaki Netball.  If you have any questions please contact Bobby on [email protected]

Rippa Rugby REMINDER

We are fortunate to have Ryan from Rippa Rugby coming in during Term Two to run some Rippa Rugby sessions with our children.  For those children that are in Year 3 and above can we please ask that you complete the Rippa Rugby registrations as part of our registration process.  That is if you have not done so already for this year.  This registration does not mean that your child is registering to play rugby for the 2023 season and does not mean that they need to attend mid-week training or Saturday games.  This Registration is for Rippa Rugby in school only.

Cross Country (Te Horo School)

Yay!  The sun did shine for our postponed Cross Country event and the puddles from the downpour the previous day just made it even more fun!  Many thanks to the parents that were able to support this event as marshals and to the whanau that came along to support the children.  Congratulations to the children for giving it their all – we admire your determination and perseverance.


4th:  Pukenamu
3rd:  Mangaone
2nd:  Hautere
1st:  Te Waka

Year 0-1 Boys

River Stevens 1st

Ted Dunn  2nd

James Johnstone 3rd

Heath Caine   4th

Rm 3

Rm 3

Rm 2

Rm 1

Year 0-1 Girls

Maddie  Clarke 1st

Ellie Fox 2nd

Alex Blaikie 3rd

Nya King 4th

Rm 1

Rm 2

Rm 1

Rm 3

Year 2 Boys

Max Oliver 1st

Noah Stace 2nd

Tommy Grannetia 3rd

Tukaha Moeke  4th

Rm 3

Rm 2

Rm 3

Rm 3

Year 2 Girls

Skyla Sweetman 1st

Eloise Molnar

Zoe Severinov

Lucia Crayford

Rm 3

Rm 3

Rm 2

Rm 3

Year 3 Boys

Dallas Dring 1st

Arthur Vincent 2nd

Lincoln Gadsby 3rd

Dillon White   4th

Rm 5

Rm 5

Rm 5

Rm 5

Year 3 Girls

Millie Goodin-Lynn 1st

Lucinda Blaikie 2nd

Genevieve Roberts 3rd

Elizabeth Laws 4th


Rm 5

Rm 5

Rm 5

Year 4 Boys

Lewis Fox     1st

Jackson White   2nd

Archie Dunn    3rd

Adrian Freyberg   4th

Rm 6

Rm 9

Rm 9

Rm 10

Year 4 Girls

Yulisa Bridge

Ella Rowe

Amaia Moeke

Kaia Sweetman


Rm 10

Rm 10

Rm 9

Year 5 Boys

Leon Revuelta 1st

Archie Murray   2nd

Finn Folster     3rd

Nathaniel Rogers 4th

Rm 9

Rm 9

Rm 6

Rm 9

Year 5 Girls

Acacia Krinkel 1st

Grace Blaikie 2nd

Meelia Hamer 3rd

Sophia Scaife 4th

Rm 10

Rm 10

Rm 6

Room 10

Year 6 Boys

Zac Bridge 1st

William Gibbins 2nd

Braxton Fox 3rd

Rm 9

Rm 9

Rm 6

Year 6 Girls

Lauren Lange 1st

Georgia Dunn  2nd 

Matilda-Jane Vincent 3rd

Violet Benson  4th

Rm 10

Rm 10

Rm 6

Rm 10

Year 7 Boys

Lucas Caines 1st

Paora Moka   2nd

Alex Findlay   3rd

Jake Hawkins  4th

Rm 12

Rm 11

Rm 12

Rm 11

Year 7 Girls

Zoe Wilson   1st =

Prairie Cudby 1st =

Jayda Rae  Pokaiwhenua-Floyd 1st =

Rm 11

Rm 11

Rm 11

Year 8 Boys

Albert Holloway 1st

Corbin Krinkel   2nd

Lenix Lange      3rd

Zavier Russell  4th

Rm 12

Rm 12

Rm 11

Rm 11

Year 8 Girls

Aimee Howell

Lucy Oliver

Henrietta Henderson

Jade Moffat

Rm 12

Rm 11

Rm 12

Rm 12

Year 7 & 8 Technology – Week Six

Food Technology

Thanks to Whaea Nic for sharing with us some images from Cooking!  Having sampled some of these treats we can say that we have some real chefs in the making.  Thanks to Whaea Nic for coming back to teach in our technology programme!

Fabric Technology

This year we are creating our own aprons and embellishing them with fabric stamps. It has been great to see the kids follow the step by step process and develop their own stamp designs or patterns. They have been learning how to use an iron, how to pin and how to unpick! Lovely to see all the effort and persistence in the face of mistakes and some interesting cutting interpretations. Congratulations to the first group of Year 7 and 8’s who have jumped in with HEART. 


Kia ora everyone. My name is Andre and I’m the LSC for Te Horo kura. I’m based at Otaki College but from time to time you may see me about the school. Please say hello as I’m keen to get to know people in the community. Also, feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your child’s learning or behaviour needs. 
I can offer support with contacting agencies, strategies for learning, and practical suggestions to help your child’s learning at
home. I can also discuss options for Dyslexia testing, and how to arrange appointments for screening other learning
or behaviour concerns.
As part of my role, I am available to coordinate the range of agencies that may be supporting your child and family.
It is intended that I will eventually become the ‘one stop shop’ to ensure your child’s smooth transition between
teachers and eventually your chosen College. My job is to ensure that all the information important to your child’s
learning is available for their next teacher / school. I am more than happy to discuss what this might look like for your
child, and how you would like this managed. If you have concerns about this or would like more information, let’s
have a chat!
You can book a time to meet with me by emailing [email protected] or phone / txt 021 028 49171

Community News

sKids After School Care – Te Horo School Hall

sKids can support your before/after and holiday care needs.  To enroll and book just go to, from the home page click on the blue parent login button which takes you to sKids AimyPlus, or go to:

If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to make contact:

[email protected] or 027 739 1986

Do you have a child interested in singing but maybe scared of singing solo? Or perhaps one-on-one lessons aren’t in your budget? Come in out of the cold and join us at Kapiti Kidz Vocals! This is the only kids choir in Kapiti where the songs are funky, fun & modern AND we will teach vocal technique and theory as we learn.
Ages 8-12 – Mondays 5-6pm $10 per session.
Please PM or email Fiona at Kapiti Vocal Studio on [email protected] to confirm enrolment
We only have a few spots left for this term!

Rātā Studios

Here are some details about a  new Under 13 Youth Training Orchestra, organised by Rātā Studios.

This orchestra is being run by the super talented Mana Waiariki and is supported by volunteers from the Rātā adult orchestra. Any orchestral instruments are welcome. 

Please follow this link for more information:

Mark Bobb Artistic Director, Rātā School of Music

Missing Cat Te Horo

Our lovely cat Jed disappeared a week and a half ago and we are missing him terribly! I am trying every avenue to find him i.e. physically searching, social media, dropping flyers etc. There was a possible sighting of Jed in School Rd. on Saturday, so we have everything crossed that he is still around.
Please contact Sarah Findlay 021 385 499