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Home Learning Guidelines

The Te Horo School Home Learning programme is hosted on this Google site.

We believe it is important to ensure that the ideas we offer you for home learning tasks have a balanced approach that would, as much as possible, continue to reflect our approach at school.  

We recognise that the resources that you may have on hand, devices, and access to the internet may be limited. We also recognise that households vary with both the number of children, ages of children, and various parental situations and needs. We are offering a range of practical hands-on activities for all of our students balanced with some online sites and tools. 

This should be looked at like a menu – students/families can choose some activities, not all, to complete. 

Ideas will cover the foundational ‘Academic’ areas of Writing, Reading and Mathematics that will be Year Level specific and also tasks under the headings of; Looking After Yourself & Being Active, Staying Connected, Caring and Helping, Being Creative, Having Fun, Connecting with Culture which will be approachable for all ages.  Students will be able to continue to access and use online services and accounts that they have had set up to address the foundational ‘Academic’ areas of learning. These are generally self paced and able to be managed by students with minimal adult help. 

Essentially what we envision is that students undertake some Writing, Reading, Maths tasks interspersed with challenges and tasks that are fun, engaging, and facilitate building cooperation and quality relationships based on the experience and reality of being at home. 

Families will be able to use these in a flexible way that works best for them, with many tasks being designed to be done with children of all ages and stages. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or the Principal, if there is something you need assistance with.